News and Updates: May 2013

Friday, May 10, 2013

The Graduate School of Religion and Religious Education Launches New Scholarship Program for Latino Students

GSRRE announces The Novak Scholarship Program launching in the fall of 2013, which will support students of Latino origin who excel academically. The program is named after the Rev. Vincent M. Novak, S.J., the founding dean of the Graduate School of Religion and Religious Education, and the Rev. Joseph Novak, S.J., a long-time faculty member and interim dean.

“Our mission is to provide financial support and mentoring to Latino students with a desire to minister to and serve as leaders within the community as religious educators, pastoral ministers or counselors and spiritual directors,” says C. Colt Anderson, dean of the Graduate School of Religion and Religious Education. “The Novak Scholarship Program will provide an added incentive that channels students to strive for academic excellence and encourages the Latino community to participate in Fordham’s high-quality programs that cater to distinctive and diverse viewpoints.” 

For more information or to learn how to apply GO HERE>>>

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Evangelization: Faith and Culture - join us this Summer!

Dr. C. Colt Anderson, Dean

Dr. Thomas Beaudoin, GSRRE

Expanding on their recent presentations on the New Evangelization at our April conference, GSRRE Dean Colt Andersona nd Professor Tom Beaudoin will teach a course entitled Evangelization:  Faith and Culture in a one week intensive format this Summer(the week of June 17th).  Click here to find out more about joining our Summer Session.
Here is the course description:  This class is meant to provide you with a new perspective on the intersection between evangelization,faith, and culture by drawing on methods of and findings from historical theology, practical theology,
and rhetorical analysis. The primary objectives ofthe course are to afford: an appreciation for different meanings of evangelization and their practical significance; an understanding of practical and theoretical complexities in the relationship between faith and culture, and how they matter for questions of evangelization today; tools you need to analyze the contextual setting of your audience; awareness of strengths and weaknesses of various mediums for evangelization; and concrete strategies for effective communication. The course will consider how the church is perceived,the role of tradition in forming ecclesial identity, personal identity formation in relation to religious outlook,the challenge of widespread detachment from official expectations about church teaching and practice (also known as “deconversion”), and the influence of popular and new media on the effort to evangelize in a U.S. context.

Secular Music and Sacred Theology, a new book by Dr. Tom Beaudoin has just been published

GSRRE's Prof. Tom Beaudoin's latest book, Secular Music and Sacred Theology, has just been published by Liturgical Press. Prof. Beaudoin edited the book and wrote one chapter about theological approaches to popular music. The book was generated by contributors to the Rock and Theology Project, a blog and collaborative research project on religion and popular music that Prof. Beaudoin directs, under the sponsorship of the Catholic academic publisher Liturgical Press. A recent interview with Prof. Beaudoin about his research on music can be found here