News and Updates: February 2012

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

GSRRE Professor and Ph.D. Graduate both appointed to International Editorial Board.

Gloria Durka, Professor of Religious Education, has been appointed to the Editorial Board of PANORAMA: The Intercultural Annual of Interdisciplinary Ethical and Religious Studies for Responsible Research. The journal aims to encourage comparative studies in the fields of ethics, education, religious and moral education, philosophy, religion and theology on an international level. Its goal is to contribute to the dialogue among scholars throughout the world. Dr. Durka is one of 11 members from 9 countries who comprise the Editorial Board.

Also appointed is Dzintra Ilisko, Ph.D.,’02. Dr. Ilisko is Associate Professor of Education at Daugavpils University in Latvia. She is the Director of the Institute for Sustainable Education which is located at the University.

Faculty, Students and Alums Represent the GSRRE

Faculty, Students and Alums Represent the GSRRE

At the REA Annual Meeting: Brain Matters: Neuroscience, Creativity, and Diversity, GSRRE faculty, students and alumni were in full force. The meeting was held November 4-6, 2011, Toronto, Ontario

Presentations included the following:

Michael Bickford, Ph.D. ‘11
An Evaluation of the Contribution of John H. Westerhoff III to Religious Education

Donna Eschenauer, Ph.D. ‘10
Memory and Imagination: The Easter Triduum Teaching How to Live and How to Die

Luz Ibarra, Ph.D. ‘09 Neuro-Linguistic Programming in Religious Education

Kathleen Turner Ph.D. Cand. An Artistic Review of Religious Education

Melissa Lynch, PH.D. Cand. Symbiotic Truth, Diabolic Deception: Navigating the Course Through the Apophatic and Catapahtic in Education


Harold Horell, Ph.D., Carl Procario-Foley Ph.D. ‘11
Abuse & Education and Formation (or Malformation) in Faith