News and Updates: Faculty, Students and Alums Represent the GSRRE

Monday, November 14, 2011

Faculty, Students and Alums Represent the GSRRE

At the recent REA Annual Meeting: Brain Matters: Neuroscience, Creativity, and Diversity, GSRRE faculty, students and alumni were in full force. The meeting was held November 4-6, 2011, Toronto, Ontario

Presentations included the following:

Michael Bickford, Ph.D. ‘11
An Evaluation of the Contribution of John H. Westerhoff III to Religious Education

Donna Eschenauer, Ph.D. ‘10
Memory and Imagination: The Easter Triduum Teaching How to Live and How to Die

Luz Ibarra, Ph.D. ‘09 Neuro-Linguistic Programming in Religious Education

Kathleen Turner Ph.D. Cand. An Artistic Review of Religious Education


Harold Horell, Ph.D., Carl Procario-Foley Ph.D. ‘11
Abuse & Education and Formation (or Malformation) in Faith

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