News and Updates: Dr. Tom Beaudoin speaks at Occupy Wall Street Teach-In

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Dr. Tom Beaudoin speaks at Occupy Wall Street Teach-In

Prof. Tom Beaudoin was one of the speakers at the "Occupy Wall Street Teach-In" at Fordham's Lincoln Center campus on Monday. The Teach-In was co-sponsored by the GSRRE, the Theology Department, and the Dorothy Day Center for Service and Justice.


  1. Dorothy Day is a self proclaimed Marxist how does the Jesuit mission fit into the teaching of Marxism? Just curious before I SPEND a lot of money and make a huge DONATION to Fordham. I was just curios about how my money will be spent and to what means my 3 children will be taught.

  2. Are you teaching the OWS philosophy now? That there are NO consequences and that you are promised what ever you want to before you even graduate? I am a little stupid about this I admit. I worked my way through college and there were no parties. I didn't expect anything at all when I graduated except a struggle to get a job. So how are you going to introduce my 3 children to this? I was just curious before I send them to Fordham...I mean I know I don't really have a right to know and that revisionist history is what's taught at all the prestigious colleges these days....yet I am still currios before I make close to a million dollar donation to F.U.