News and Updates: June 2011

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Megan McKenna receives National Catholic Press Book Award

A recent book by Professor Megan McKenna, GSRRE Summer faculty, has just received an award from the Catholic Press. The book, This Will Be Remembered of Her, has been awarded THIRD place in the SPIRITUALITY Category of the 2011 Catholic Press Awards.

The Committee said, "Megan McKenna has been a theologian and storyteller in our Christian community for the last 40 years. Here she brings together stories from various traditions and true life stories that promote an inspirational vision of dedication and justice within the Christian church.”

Next week Professor McKenna will teach her next Summer course at GSRRE, The Gospel of Matthew. Congratulations to Professor McKenna!

This Will Be Remembered Of Her: Stories Of Women
Reshaping The World, Staff, William. B. Eerdmans Publishing
Co, Grand Rapids, Mich.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

2007 GSRRE Ph.D. graduate, Dr. Fernando Arzola Jr., publishes book

2007 GSRRE Ph.D. graduate, Dr. Fernando Arzola Jr., publishes book
engaging in a comparative study of corporate worship

Dr. Fernando Arzola Jr., Associate Dean of the College of Arts and
Sciences at Nyack College and 2007 Ph.D. graduate from the GSRRE,
recently published Exploring Worship: Catholic, Evangelical, and
Orthodox Perspectives with Wipf and Stock. This book engages in a
comparative study of Catholic, Evangelical, and Orthodox teachings on
corporate worship and suggests classic practices that help deepen the
understanding and experience of worship. This is his 3rd published

“In an age of increasing multiculturalism, globalization, ecumenical and
inter-religious dialogue, this volume contributes much to discussion
about and practice of Catholic, Evangelical and Orthodox worship. The
author, a professional religious educator, makes historical perspectives
of worship relevant for contemporary life in an attempt to foster deeper
understanding and experience of worship. He shows that these three
streams of Christianity have much potential to enrich and enhance each
other’s practice of worship. Written in a clear and cogent style, this
work is a gift to religious educators and the people they serve. It
should enjoy wide readership and deep discussion.”
Dr. Gloria Durka, Ph.D.
Professor, Director, Ph.D. Program in Religious Education
Graduate School of Religion and Religious Education, Fordham University

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