News and Updates: Alumni Updates - December 2010 GSRRE

Friday, December 17, 2010

Alumni Updates - December 2010 GSRRE

I am scheduled to teach at the Ukrainian Catholic University in Lviv, Ukraine from Feb-Apr, 2011. Rev. Ivan Kaszczak, Ph.D.

Meghan Miller, MA 2001: I graduated from GSRRE in 2001 with a MA in Religious Education and a concentration in Pastoral Counseling. Since 2001, I have been working as a counselor with formerly homeless people at Pathways to Housing. In August 2009 I received my PhD in Clinical Psychology from Adelphi University. Recently, I began a blog on death and dying which can be found at

Zeni Fox, Ph.D.: This year my edited volume, "Lay Ecclesial Ministry: Pathways Toward the Future" was published, Sheed and Ward/Rowman & Littlefield. I plan to attend the Lessons and CArols celebration in Fordham Chapel, as part of my Advent celebration.

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